Math Hoffa has been buzzing for being one of the top Podcasters on YouTube with his hit podcast “My Expert Opinion Show,” holding the number one spot of independent hip-hop podcasts worldwide with 912K YouTube subscribers + counting. With music being his first love, Math has been cooking up something special in the studio on his off days.

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Hoffa premiered his music video “All Around,” which features him and his artist, Brooklyn Hanz, on his YouTube channel. The single delivers a sultry sound, paired with bars that only a true lyricist can execute. When asked what inspired the single, he replied, “Due to the quality of music from trash rappers, I wanted to put something out that was lyrically dope for the culture and what it represents.” -Math Hoffa.

Math has recently launched his record lane, “DFG Records” (Destined For Greatness), which houses himself and his artist, Brooklyn Hanz. Math plans to put more artists on the label in the near future as he grows his label and continues his mission to bring an authentic sound back to hip-hop. To check out past episodes of My Expert Opinion Show, click HERE.


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