In the rapidly evolving world of plant-based cuisine, innovative collaborations are essential for pushing the boundaries of flavor and sustainability. The newest groundbreaking partnership in vegan foods is between Armored Fresh, a South Korean food-tech company specializing in alternative dairy products, and Slutty Vegan, a favorite food chain known for its crave-worthy plant-based burgers. Together, they are changing the game with delectable Almond Milk American Cheese Slices that are both delicious and eco-conscious.

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Armored Fresh: Revolutionizing Plant-Based Cheese

Armored Fresh is not your average food-tech company. They’ve set their sights on creating plant-based cheese that doesn’t just mimic dairy cheese but surpasses it in aroma, texture, and flavor. Their secret? An innovative formulation of plant-based lactic acid, almond milk, protein, and vitamins. The result is an irresistible product that isn’t just delicious but also eco-friendly.


But it doesn’t stop there. Armored Fresh is dedicated to prioritizing consumers’ well-being and reducing their environmental footprint. With their almond milk cheese, they’re on a mission to protect people and the environment, one tasty bite at a time.


A Game-Changing Collaboration

What makes this collaboration truly exciting is the fact that Slutty Vegan, a beloved plant-based burger chain, has chosen Armored Fresh’s Almond Milk American Cheese Slices for their signature creations. Slutty Vegan has garnered a massive following, including top celebrity vegan influencers, thanks to their mouthwatering burgers.

Now, with Armored Fresh’s cheese slices, Slutty Vegan can offer a truly delectable and indulgent cheeseburger experience to their customers. This partnership isn’t just about taste; it’s about elevating the plant-based burger game and making it accessible to a wider audience.

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The Innovation Behind the Cheese

Armored Fresh’s dedication to innovation goes beyond taste. They hold patents for their method of manufacturing vegan cheese pre-compound, the process of crafting plant-based cheese using almond milk, and even the fermentation process of plant-based lactic acid. This commitment to research and development ensures that their products are at the forefront of the plant-based food industry.


Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or simply curious about trying something new, keep an eye out for Armored Fresh’s Almond Milk American Cheese Slices and experience the future of plant-based cheese for yourself.

You can find Armored Fresh products in over 100 regional New York City supermarkets, including Kroger, Key Foods, Met Fresh, C Town, City Acres, and Associated stores throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.