Hate him or love him you can’t deny that VLADHQ knows how to get your attention in this world of viral moments. With over 200 hundred thousand songs being uploaded onto streaming platforms every day, it’s almost impossible to stand out and capture the audience’s attention. It seems that VLADHQ has mastered the formula. So, who is this VLADHQ and how is he getting the attention of millions? 

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VLADHQ is a well respected recording artist hailing from St. Louis, MO who hit the scene when went viral in 2018 with his song “Lil Xan Diss” and media outlets such as TMZ, XXL and Complex reported on the record. Vlad’s reasoning for the diss song was simple, Lil Xan called Tupac’s music boring and Vlad being a fan of Tupac decided he would retaliate by making “Lil Xan Diss”. Vlad went on to make threats online to Xan in the days leading up to a scheduled concert which was ultimately cancelled due to the threats. TMZ reported that the authorities were looking for local rapper VladHQ. The beef between the two artist was eventually worked out. 

With his name still going viral, Vlad starting working with Sexxy Red, at the time an upcoming artist out of St. Louis with her hit song “Pound Town” Together, they released a video for the single “Ah Thousand Jugs”, a remix, which instantly went viral gaining over 20 million views throughout social media putting Vlad right back in the lime light once again. 


VLADHQ, Born Vlad Bondarenko is a self-made rapper who went from nothing to becoming one of the hottest up-and-coming musical influencers. Vlad has been strategic in going viral and bringing up artists such female sensation, Sexxy Red. Through his lyrical flow and original fresh sound, he is rapidly building a massive fanbase with songs like “30 Deep Diss”, “DEAD OPPS” and “Tonight” featuring Rahli. 

Vlad knows that it takes much more than just making great music, you have to master the ability to stand out in this crowded social media space and VladHQ has proven time and time again that he knows exactly what to do. Although VLADHQ is independent he makes moves in a major way. Make sure follow VladHQ to stay in the loop of the hip hop viral sensation.

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