DJ Envy is being highlighted for supporting a real estate venture promoted by Cesar Pina, which is now being ousted as a scheme.

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According to NBC New York, DJ Envy used his position on The Breakfast Club on iHeartRadio to promote the scheme, which included seminars promoting the flipping of properties in underprivileged areas of New Jersey.

In a testament to the nature of the scheme was Jose Santiago and his wife, who claimed they wanted to invest in real estate to support a positive future for their children. After investing $200,000, their hopes and dreams appear to be gone.


The couple believed they would invest in run-down properties to renovate and flip, using equity from their Florida home as start-up money. Sadly, they never saw a dollar. Another man, Nigel Chamblin, stated $235K in one property and an additional $300K in two others.

”There were other people investing in these exact same properties,” Chamblin said. ”It was a scam, it was a lie.”

DJ Envy also states he lost half a million dollars, with his lawyer stating he is also a victim.He is contending daily with cases that are being filed improperly against him,” Massimo D’Angelo, Envy’s attorney, said.