Sacramento-based artist 916frosty and his executive producer, Zubin, have dropped their latest masterpiece, a 6-track EP titled “MIRABELLA,” which is already creating ripples in the music scene. Over the weekend, it garnered more than 150,000 streams and even earned a feature on @Rap, alongside acclaimed artists such as Lil Yachty and Lil Wayne.

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Debuting in 2018, 916frosty swiftly garnered a dedicated fanbase by pioneering the emo-trap subgenre. His music began gaining recognition with a serendipitous co-sign from XXXTentacion on SoundCloud. Subsequently, his tracks became viral sensations in Fortnite Montages. Notable songs like “more,” “Jeffery Dahmer,” and “enough” defined his career, and his first EP, “HALF GEMINI,” showcased his ability to bend genres and craft heart-touching lyrics. With over 200 million streams, 916frosty has now returned, this time collaborating with executive producer Zubin for an immersive listening experience.

Hailing from Maryland, Zubin is asserting himself as the industry’s next executive producer. His Save Me Records production label has seen the release of singles featuring artists like Coi Leray, YungManny, and SportVVS. Zubin has also earned recognition from Billboard, Hot New Hip Hop, and Complex, leading up to the upcoming “Save Me” EP, scheduled for release in December. The EP will feature a star-studded lineup, including U.K.’s Lancey Foux, Yung Fazo, and other emerging talents.


The EP’s unique rollout began with a mysterious job ad and acceptance letter posted on 916frosty’s Instagram. In this creative narrative, he purportedly accepted a job as a beta tester, necessitating his absence for several weeks. The storyline placed 916frosty in a David versus Goliath scenario, pitting him against a sinister VR company known as M-RLD CORPORATION. This immersive experience engaged fans in real-time, employing pop-up websites with puzzles, easter eggs, and even a mini-documentary set in the year 2050.

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