Drake’s dad is just fine with Drake not speaking a word about the conflict in the Middle East. After DJ Vlad attempted to shade Drake for his decision not to speak, TMZ caught up with Dennis Graham, who thinks his son should stay out of it.

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“It affects everybody, it’s totally ridiculous,” Graham said. “If you say something about this one you going to get criticized. If you say something about someone else you going to get criticized. Stay out of it, especially if you are someone well known.”

DJ Vlad is wondering where Drake and DJ Khaled’s voices are during the latest escalation of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. In case you missed it, Israel and Palestinian War has been raging after an attack by Hamas. You can learn more about the conflict here.


Hitting Twitter, Vlad blasted Drake and Khaled for how their status could illuminate the situation.

“Has anyone noticed that the most famous Jewish person on Earth, Drake, and the most famous Palestinian person on Earth, DJ Khaled, haven’t said a single thing about the Gaza-Israel conflict?” Vlad wrote. ” It’s not like Drake is too busy. He’s been writing paragraphs about Joe Budden hurting his feelings about his new album. DJ Khaled has been working overtime promoting his new Jordan sneakers. But both of them have been silent on this topic. Why is that?”

You can see his full statement below.