Reebok, the renowned sports culture brand, has officially partnered with Angel Reese, a college basketball champion and rising fashion sensation. This collaboration marks the first significant signing under the leadership of Reebok’s newly appointed President of Basketball, Shaquille O’Neal. Angel Reese, a senior from Randallstown, Maryland, has emerged as one of her era’s most prominent college basketball players, celebrated not only for her on-court prowess but also for her charismatic and unapologetic personality.

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During the 2022-2023 season, Reese led her team to its first-ever women’s basketball national championship, earning herself the title of Most Outstanding Player. Off the court, she has become a fashion sensation, with accolades from top fashion outlets and a strong social media presence.

“I am honored to be working closely with one of my longtime mentors, Shaq along with a brand that I have  admired since I was just a little kid,” shared Angel Reese. “It means the world to me that they trust in me to  extend their legacy to a new generation. Together, I think we have a great opportunity to do things  differently, to inspire people to explore and express themselves unapologetically, and to show them how to  look and feel good while doing it.”


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Reebok’s strategic move to reclaim its dominant position in the sports and sports culture arena has been reinforced by the appointment of Shaquille O’Neal as President of the newly created Reebok Basketball division. Angel Reese, the division’s first recruit and Reebok’s flagship NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) signing, joins an elite roster of Reebok athletes, including Justin Fields and Allen Iverson.

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“For my first appointment in this role, it had to be the GOAT. There is no one making a bigger impact on the  game right now than Angel Reese,” commented basketball legend, fellow Tiger, and President of Reebok  Basketball, Shaquille O’Neal. “Angel is shaking up the space, just like Reebok has done all along. I’m proud to  welcome Angel into the Reebok family and can’t wait to see how she will bring the brand’s legacy to the next  generation.”

Reebok CEO Todd Krinsky praised Angel Reese’s unique blend of style, swagger, and athleticism and expressed the brand’s excitement about collaborating with her to impact sports culture further. Reese is set to feature in Reebok campaigns across lifestyle and performance products, and her input will shape future designs and innovations, including her collection slated to launch in Fall/Winter 2024.

Beyond the world of sports and fashion, Reebok will join forces with Angel Reese to support her philanthropic endeavors, including the recently launched Angel C. Reese Foundation, dedicated to empowering girls and women through sports, education, financial literacy, and more.

Fans can now explore “Angel’s Picks,” Angel Reese’s curated collection, including a limited edition Reebok x Angel Reese t-shirt, available on

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