The Hip Hop community is mourning a huge loss with the death of producer/ DJ Mark The 45 King. He was 62 years old.

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Born Mark James in the Bronx on October 16, 1961, Mark recently celebrated his 62nd born day this past Monday; just one day before he was taken off of a breathing respirator.

The 45 King began his career under the Flavor Unit umbrella, which was headed off by Queen Latifah and Shakim Compere, with their roster boasting artists such as Chill Rob G, Nikki D, Double J, Latee, Apache, Lakim Shabazz and more. Mark’s career grew to greater heights when he produced the 1990 instrumental hit “900 Number”, which was coupled with the famous “Ed Lover dance”. His production success continued with Jay-Z’s 1998 smash hit “Hard Knock Life” and Eminem’s storytelling classic “Stan”.


Mark did not have any children of his own, but according to the Flavor Unit, he considered all of those in the Flavor Unit his children. Source Magazine extends its condolences to Mark’s family and friends.