Born in San Francisco, CA. Slapp Turner lived throughout southern and northern California from the Bay to LA, but in his older teenage years, it was primarily San Francisco / Bay Area. Slapp Turner has also lived in Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Washington State. At 9 years old, Slapp Turner created his own album out of paper and tape. Slapp drew the cover, the album, the lines in the record, the sleeve, the back, and all of the imaginary songs with lyrics. After that, he recorded himself singing and beating on a pillow, so Slapp has always been preparing for a life in music.

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Slapp Turner has produced for underground groups and artists such as  “SCOTTIE CLINTON” “UNITY LEWIS” ” M@H@TTER” “SANDPAYPA” “NANI BAE” “RAYE COLE” “HONEY B” “TARIUS KNIGHT” “REAL MONEY” “SICK YG” “LYNCH LOCALLE” “NON-CENTZ” “EMARCO A.K.A E-MAC” “THE BLOCKWILDAS ” “YOUNG GENERAL” “RICO NEVOTION” “SWISH & LIL’ SEL” AND “CAMBINO”. Slapp Turner has even produced a hot song featuring rap superstar “DA BRAT.” (see Journal of a Blockwilda by Sandavol aka Sandpaypa, “Cutthroats”) Slapp has also met such influences as Marvin Gaye, 2Pac, Chuck D, Phife Dawg, Shock G, Messy Marv, JT the Bigga Figga, Ray Luv and YZ. Currently, Slapp Turner has been working and combining forces with rapper Madhatter on many projects (F.O.S Futuristic Old School, Madhatter Solo Album, City Built Music and currently MAD-PAYPA-SLAPP) over the last 8 years. 

Slapp Turner Drippin’ Sauce music video is off the album “We My Ethos.” This is the second music video off Slapp Turner’s album featuring a circle of extraordinarily gifted known and unknown rising artists from all over the United States. The album features the fabulous Scottie Clinton, the Funkadelic Princess of the Legendary father of Parliament Funk, George Clinton. The album also features one of the Bay Area’s own legendary rap artists, San Quinn and a host of California’s finest! From the seasoned dope emcees like Sandpaypa, M@DH@TTER, and Unity Lewis, to the flourishing lyrical skills of Nani Bae, and the Rootsy Reggae vibes of Honey B. The album also features the sultry R&B sounds of Tarius Knight, the soulful queen Raye Cole, and the electrifying alternative style of A. Slade. Slapp Turner’s “We My Ethos” can be played on virtually all streaming devices and platforms.


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