On this date in 1995, Queens Legends Onyx released their second full-length album All We Got Iz Us under Rush Associated Labels and the JMJ Records imprint.

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It is reported that Def Jam Records’ Lyor Cohen offered Fredro Starr $1 million in 1994 to record Onyx’s second album while he was on the set of the movie Dangerous Minds. Fredro agreed, prompting him, Sonee Seeza and Sticky FIngaz to record 25 tracks for the new album, with only 15 of the songs making the final cut under the late Jam Master Jay’s directive. Two of the albums’ tracks, “Live Niguz” and “Last Dayz”, made it to 89 on the Billboard Hot 100 and 17 on the Hot Rap Singles, respectively. Onyx also created their own label, Armee Records, to which they signed the rap collective All City and Queens rapper Panama P.I., who also appeared on All We Got Iz Us.

This project received mixed reviews from the media. Still, it reached its level of success with tracks debuting in several silver screen classics, including Martin Lawrence and Will Smith’s Bad Boys as well as Eminem’s 8 Mile and Hip Hop documentary The Show.


Salute to Sticky Fingaz, Sonee Seeza, Fredro, All City, and JMJ for making this album a part of Hip Hop history!