DJ Envy’s lawyer spoke with famed court reporter Meghann Cuniff, who details The Breakfast Club host’s relationship with Cesar Pina.

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Speaking with Envy’s lawyer, Massimo D’Angelo, Cuniff reports that “Envy is going to be assisting and cooperating fully” to get money back for himself and his victims.

D’Angelo said Envy invested $500K with Pina and “didn’t get any money back.” Adding, “He paid out substantial sums similar to some of the other investors who thought they were getting money back.”


Earlier this month, federal agents arrested DJ Envy’s former business partner Cesar Pina on Wednesday.

According to Tony “The Closer” Robinson, Pina, a.k.a. “Flipping NJ,” is accused of running a real estate Ponzi scheme. He is charged with scamming investors out of millions of dollars.

DJ Envy, real name RaaShaun Casey, is a co-defendant in multiple lawsuits filed by investors who say they were ripped off by Pina in an elaborate Ponzi scheme.

Envy and Pina held seminars to lure hundreds of investors to flip distressed properties for profit. But investors say Pina took their money and ran. DJ Envy also promoted the seminars on iHeart Radio’s popular Breakfast Club morning show.

Many victims said they invested with Pina because DJ Envy was his business partner and they trusted Envy.

But DJ Envy denied any involvement in the Ponzi scheme. He said he’s also a victim because he gave money to Pina.

Jose Santiago and his wife, Jessica Ortiz told News 4 they invested $200,000 in a Paterson, NJ property that Pina claimed he owned.

“He’s advertising this all over radio and television, so I thought this was legit,” Santiago said.

Nigel Chamblin said he invested nearly $1 million in several properties that Pina claimed he owned. But Pina didn’t own any of the properties.

“There were other people investing in these exact same properties,” Chamblin told News 4. “It was a scam, it was a lie.”

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