The Universal Hip Hop Museum just announced they will be officially changing their name to “The Hip Hop Museum.” The name change comes as part of the institution’s ongoing commitment to accurately reflect the essence and significance of Hip Hop culture and its global impact.

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Since its inception, The Hip Hop Museum has been dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich history and cultural significance of hip hop. As the official record of Hip Hop, the museum has taken pride in curating an immersive and educational experience for visitors from all walks of life. On Hip Hop’s 50th birthday, this name change represents an evolution while staying true to the museum’s core mission.

“After careful consideration and discussions with members of the Hip Hop community, as well as our supporters, we have decided to simplify our name to ‘The Hip Hop Museum,’ said Executive Director Rocky Bucano. “We believe this change will make us more accessible and recognizable to our diverse audience, from dedicated hip hop enthusiasts to casual visitors.”


The Hip Hop Museum will continue to honor and represent the myriad of voices and stories that have contributed to the global phenomenon that is Hip Hop.

As The Hip Hop Museum embarks on this new chapter, the institution will continue to expand its exhibits, events, and educational programs, providing an inclusive platform for artists, historians, educators and enthusiasts to engage with and celebrate the evolution of Hip Hop.

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