Brooklyn’s own Radamiz, backed by an Eminem co-sign and a standout performance at Gypsy Sport’s Los Angeles Fashion Week show, unveils his latest musical endeavor, El Duende. This nine-song exploration delves into the concept of “Duende,” an idea introduced by Federico Garcia Lorca a century ago, which holds a pivotal place in the realm of art.

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The album includes previously released singles “The Monk’s Ferrari” and the ICECOLDBISHOP collaboration “Ffiirree.” Radamiz also enlists the talents of Sadhugold, Verde Madera, DJ Cutbird, Rafael Moure-Eraso, Kenny Rivero, JUNIE., Graymatter, Crooklin, Cutbird, Morning Effect, and Dimadidthis for additional vocals and instrumentation.

“Duende,” as defined by Lorca, represents the essence that makes great art exceptional, touched by the divine. Radamiz, inspired by the concept, sought to shed light on the idea and the intricate work behind it. “Duende” is a concept that thrives in the shadows, emerging due to the artist’s hidden toils, making it a vital but enigmatic element of artistic creation.


Radamiz’s “El Duende” is a musical masterpiece that delves into the intricate relationship between art and its creators, bringing the concept to the forefront for a wider audience to appreciate.

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