On this date in 1990, King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal dropped his third album A Taste Of Chocolate on the Cold Chillin/Warner Bros. imprint.

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As Kane’s most commercial-friendly, full-length studio project, the streets turned its back on Kane when this was released, crying foul because of its crossover sound and features with R&B artists, which was an absolute no-no for Hip Hop artists in 1990. Let’s not forget his nude photoshoot with Madonna that made him even less desirable. How times have changed.

Songs like “Mr. Pitiful” were descriptive of how fan and the general public received BDK after his newfound fame. Songs like “Cause I can Do It Right” continued to solidify his ladies-man persona, while “Put Your Weight On It” and “Big Daddy Kane vs. Dolemite” were singles where Kane attempted to display that his verbal abilities were still intact.


A Taste Of Chocolate reached No. 10 on the Billboard Top Soul Albums chart and No. 37 on the Billboard 200 chart, but never got the approval of the streets.

Salute to Kane for continuing to bless the culture with his music and forever be a part of Hip Hop history!