Rapper Soulja Boy has been unapologetically raking in the cash since he stepped on the scene and he won’t let you forget it. In recent comments, the ringtone originator revealed the hefty fees he charges for features and shows. In the clip below, Soulja Boy can be seen flashing cash while telling fans on social media that a feature costs $1 million and a show will cost $100K.

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“If you want a verse, it’s gon’ cost you a M,” Soulja Boy explained. “You want a show, it’s gon’ cost you $100k. You want an after party, it’s gon cost you 50 bands. We just turnt Texas up. This what it’s gon’ cost you. No cap. That’s just what it’s gon’ cost you.” 

This isn’t the first time Soulja Boy has been vocal about his contributions to hip hop. Do you think 1 million dollars is a good price for a Soulja verse?