Joe Budden has nothing for the belief he was jumped over the weekend. Rumors swirled online that Budden was jumped at a New York Strip club. This follows a separate alleged attack connected to his commentary on the real estate controversy of DJ Envy and Cesar Pina.

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On Saturday’s edition of The Joe Budden Podcast, Budden revealed that he was approached by a man at a lounge with bear spray. Budden was out with a friend and stated he was warned by the bartender about the behavior of men in the building. Footage surfaced online of the event. Budden states the man behind the camera was Pina’s brother.

After what is believed to be another night out, the rumors of Budden being jumped swirled. Budden’s friend, Tony “The Closer” Robinson, tweeted to shut down the rumors.


“I just heard from Joe Budden he good y’all be hype as shit to say he got jumped,” Robinson wrote. “Like what world we celebrate n***as jumping n***as. He ain’t have a scratch on his face don’t know who he got into it with but he definitely didn’t look like he got jumped.”

Tony shared that this event had nothing to do with Envy and Pina’s case.

Joe would also speak on the issue on Instagram Live with QueenzFlip. “Nigga socked back and popped me one good time but that was it,” Budden said. “I told y’all I eat a punch well, but now we gotta go.”