Megan Thee Stallion is on fire, achieving a remarkable milestone with releasing her latest single, “Cobra.” The hip-hop sensation has officially claimed the title of the biggest YouTube video debut within 24 hours for any solo female hip-hop artist in 2023.

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After dropping the music video at 12 am ET on Nov. 3, “Cobra,” directed by Douglas Bernardt, notched up an impressive 2.15 million views in just one day. This achievement pushed her ahead of Doja Cat’s “Demons,” which had previously held the record with 2.01 million views.

In addition to this YouTube record, “Cobra” also saw a surge in streaming success, amassing over 1.04 million streams on Spotify within the same 24-hour period. Notably, this release marked a significant moment for Megan Thee Stallion as it was her first independent drop under Hot Girl Productions, her independent music and entertainment venture.


The track also showcased Megan’s lyrical prowess and production involvement, with her collaborating closely with guitarist Diggy Lessard and producers Bankroll Got It, Shawn “Source” Jarrett, and Derrick Milano to create the dynamic beat of “Cobra.”