In an exclusive interview with The Source, Princess Sarah Jane Culverson shared insights into her childhood, identity, and the responsibilities that come with her role as a Sierra Leonean princess.

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Growing up in Morgantown, West Virginia, Sarah was adopted into an all-white family, navigating the challenges of straddling two different cultures—her birth family from West Africa and her adoptive family in the United States. Despite being the family’s ” black sheep, ” Sarah experienced a childhood filled with love and support, thanks to her adoptive parents, Dr. Jim and Judy Culverson.

Adopted three days after her first birthday, Sarah discovered her unique background as she grew older, facing the ups and downs of grappling with her identity. Balancing the influence of her West African heritage with her American upbringing, Sarah became an overachiever, striving for acceptance and success.


As she delved into her role as a Sierra Leonean princess, Sarah emphasized that being royalty goes beyond wearing a crown; it’s about actively contributing to the community. Through initiatives in public health, education, technology, and clean water projects, she and her family work to make a meaningful impact.

When asked about modern royalty, Sarah highlighted individuals globally who stand for important causes. She cites an upcoming podcast, Modern Royalty, where she plans to interview kings, queens, and princesses from various cultures.

Discussing royalty in hip-hop and popular culture, Sarah acknowledged artists like Queen Latifah, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Jay-Z, recognizing their influence and ability to engage audiences. Reflecting on her favorite female hip-hop artist, Sarah praised Queen Latifah for her impact, toughness, and trailblazing influence on the genre.

In offering advice to young women today, Princess Sarah encouraged them to surround themselves with uplifting people, fill their cups, and share their dreams with those who support their aspirations.

Acknowledging her platform’s significance, Princess Sarah expressed gratitude for the opportunity to inspire children, particularly those of African descent, emphasizing the importance of representation and empowerment.

Princess Sarah’s journey unfolds as she continues to use her platform to create positive change, celebrate diversity, and empower future generations. You can hear Princess Sarah’s story in her own words in the video player above.

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