Damson Idris and Lori Harvey have confirmed their relationship is over. In a joint statement to The Hollywood Reporter, the two state they are “remaining friends” and share respect for each other.

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“We are at a point in our lives where our individual paths require our full attention and dedication,” the statement reads. “We part ways, remaining friends with nothing but love and respect for each other and the time we shared together.”

Fans began questioning whether the Lori Harvey and Damson Idris relationship was over earlier this week. The murmurs came after the two removed images of each other across their respective Instagram pages.


Further fan investigation showed that neither are following each other.

In February, Idris spoke to Rolling Stone, and one of the topics was dating Lori Harvey.

The star actor revealed how he is in a relationship with a highly popular figure.

“I think my advice to anyone who walks down that path is to just keep it as regular and normal as possible and really, really connect to each other and not the outside forces around,” Idris said.

He added, “of course, it’s the topic of gossip, and the blogs want to talk about that over the work. I see that a lot. But they’ll get over it soon enough. And in a couple days someone else will be dating and then they’ll leave me alone.”