NBA YoungBoy is on the receiving end of trouble allegations from Arcola, one of the mothers of his children. Hitting X, Arcole stated YoungBoy sent two of his “whores” to jump her while she was holding her son.

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“He gave them an order to get me lol you know bitches who never came from shit gone do it,” Arcola wrote. “My son was in my hands. His dad just sat back and watched smh.”

On Instagram, she added, “Letting your child’s mother get hit in the face with a gun is crazy.”


According to Arcola, she and YoungBoy have been going back and forth on the time their son can’t spend more time with his father. Another message shows Acrola discussing arrangements and funds with Youngboy’s wife Jazlyn Mychelle.

After a lengthy detail, Arcola revealed that she won’t be pressing charges. “I would be wrong if I pressed charges on yall for doing me like this with my baby in my hand. But karma gone eat yall *sses up. I got my son back I’m happy that’s all that matters fr.”

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