Media Mogul Tyler Perry dismissed critics in a sit-down interview with “CBS Mornings” where he promoted his upcoming Prime Video documentary “Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story.” During the sit down Rerry addressed critics in the black community that shy away from the Madea’s in their family. Perry said he doesn’t have respect from people and try to educate themselves away from their blackness.

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Perry shared:

“When I get to those ‘hoity toity’ Negroes who don’t understand [and are] looking down their noses at everything… I marvel at them at how intelligent they are but how they miss the most simple things… marvel at any Black person who wants to remove themselves from their Blackness. There’s this instant thing of ‘let me get away from where I come from, let me get away from the Madeas of my family, and let me educate myself away from my Blackness,. Those people I don’t have respect for.”



Watch the video below.