Ten years ago, rapper Nicki Minaj predicted she would be married with a kid in ten years. Just like she predicted, the married Queen’s icon welcomed her first child with her husband, Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty three years ago. Now the grammy-nominated Barb is admitting that the baby put a temporary strain on her marriage in 2020 when the couple decided to raise their baby without the help from nanny’s. Nicki also reveals that she doesn’t allow her son to eat sweets or drink juice.

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OK Magazine reports:

Nicki Minaj admitted her and Kenneth Petty’s relationship has not always been at its best.


In a recent interview, the “Super Bass” singer revealed that she and her hubby went through a rough patch in 2020 after the birth of their son, whom Minaj calls “Papa Bear.”

During the sit down, the star revealed she and Petty raised their infant son without any help other than a few visits from a grandparent.

“I’m not going to lie, things got testy between us,” she said in the interview, published Thursday, November 9. “Because of our history, I think we knew we’d get past it. But there’s no such thing as confidence in parenthood.”

She continued: “I kind of wish that someone had told me — although I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to understand it — that there’s a level of anxiety, and you think it’s going to go away, but in fact it gets scarier.”

“So often you think: I don’t know how to do this!” she confessed.

Minaj also talked about her parenting choices for Papa Bear, including her decision to not allow him to eat sweets or drink juice.

“Illnesses like diabetes run in our community,” she explained. “I’m not in favor of body positivity if it means unhealthy bodies. That’s bull. It’s not believable, so let’s stop pretending.”

Watch Nicki, Kenneth and ‘Papa Bear’ below.

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