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Aptly titled Drive with Swizz Beatz, this new series sees the legendary producer alongside his son, Nasir Dean (aka Note Marcato), as they travel worldwide and explore the difference in car cultures. And while music may be a #1 passion for both, it appears cars come in as a closed second.

The Source had the opportunity to chat with Swizz Beatz and Note Marcato at the red carpet premiere and screening of DRIVE WITH SWIZZ BEATZ in Los Angeles. The special evening took place at the Petersen Automotive Museum.


What is your favorite car of all time? 

Swizz Beatz: Damn, all time? I don’t think about all time, but I’ll say the LaFerrari is up there. 

Note Marcato: I’m not gonna lie, I really liked the new SP3. It’s crazy. 

How was it drifting through the mountains of Tokyo? 

Swizz Beatz: I still feel like I got a helmet on. It was out of body experience.

Note Marcato: For sure, and it was on a spiritual level. These people were masters of their craft. You don’t have that type of feeling from anything else. 

Did you see Meek Mill called you the GOAT producer on Complex? 

Swizz Beatz: Oh man, I didn’t see that. 

Who is the GOAT producer for you? 

Swizz Beatz: For me, it’s Marley Mall.

Note Marcato: For me, it’s 1000% My father. Because when he was explaining to me how he actually made them, I believe was last New Year’s or Christmas. It blew me away because it’s unorthodox. I’m not even saying that because he’s my father, I’m saying that because he’s amazing. 

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