R. Kelly has initiated a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Prisons, claiming the agency leaked his private information to Tasha K.

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The suit was filed in Chicago gedeal court, stating an agent at the Bureau of Prisons accessed the singer’s prison records, which also had phone calls with his lovers and lawyers, and sold them to Tasha K. Tasha K then used them online to her followers.

“The defendant United States of America breached its duty of care to the plaintiff when it allowed countless BOP officers to access plaintiff’s confidential information without any legal basis to do so,” Kelly’s lawyer Jennifer Bonjean filed, according to Billboard.


Tasha K is also listed in the suit, stating she used her following to “harass the plaintiff” and caused “chaos in the plaintiff’s personal life.”

The suit also states that R. Kelly is fearful of speaking with his team due to the possibility it could be “released to the general public for mass exploitation.”

In August, R. Kelly wrapped up his current restitution bill. Following his high-profile criminal cases, Kelly still owed $506,950.26 to his victims. His next royalty check will cover the bill.

According to TMZ, Universal Music Group’s upcoming payout to R. Kelly would be 567,444.19, more than enough to cover his remaining bill. Before the remainder would make its way elsewhere, UMG will now direct a check to his restitution.

This past July, R. Kelly called out his longtime friend being blocked from visiting him at FCI Butner prison. Kelly states his friend and former business manager Derrel McDavid attempted to visit him, but the warden would not allow it.

McDavid was a co-defendant with R. Kelly in his Illinois criminal case. The charge they jointly faced was dismissed.

According to Radar Online, McDavid was accused of coordinating hush money payments before the 2008 trial.

A motion filed in court reads, “Mr. McDavid and Mr. Kelly have maintained a longstanding friendship and business relationship spanning decades before Mr. Kelly’s incarceration.”

The warden declined the visit stating McDavid was a co-defendant. Representatives for Kelly added, “FCI Butner’s denial of visitation was inconsistent with Bureau of Prison (“BOP”) regulations and policies, patently unreasonable, and advanced no legitimate penological interest.”

He added, “FCI Butner’s determination is patently unreasonable, capricious, and inconsistent with the directives and policies of the federal regulations. There is absolutely no risk—let alone a reasonable one—that a visitation by Mr. McDavid would create a threat to the security and good order of the FCI Butner.”

Previously, audio from prison has R. Kelly referencing the harsh conditions of his prison. In the audio, Kelly stated he deserves to die of natural causes. The singer is reportedly battling blood clots in his legs.

“I don’t deserve to die because somebody miscommunicated or somebody took a guess at what’s going on with my leg. I’m not supposed to die this way,” R. Kelly said. “You’re not even supposed to take a chance on that.”

He added, “And that’s why I’m speaking out on this because I’m scared for my life in that area. And who wouldn’t be? They treat animals better than that.”

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