Method Man released his debut solo LP Tical on this day in Hip-Hop history. Sticking to RZA’s plan on industry domination, Method was the first to roll out his solo LP after the ridiculously successful group debut Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). In the early years of the Wu, Method Man had grown into the group’s public face. His larger-than-life persona and many styles won over the hearts and ears of fans after the group’s first single, “Protect Ya Neck,” had “Method Man” on it’s B-side.

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Tical delves deeper into the sinister villainous style previewed on 36 Chambers. Method Man creates a dark anti-hero on this album who hungers for the career of wack rappers and perpetrators. It was truly a violent introduction to one of the most outrageous members of the Wu, second only to ODB in theatrical personality.

The album was almost entirely produced by RZA and considered a “two-man show” by critics. As the Wu’s architect, RZA created specific sounds for each member. Method unique Sonic was the most film-inspired. Meth continued to build a character likened to the many crime bosses and master villains that starred in his beloved Kung-Fu flicks. Aside from the image, lyrically, the album is on another level. Method Man flawlessly juggles synonyms and metaphors with a flow that weaves in and out of the beat to create a hardcore symphony of Shaolin style.


Commercially, the album was a hit and only added on to the cipher of success revolving around the Wu-Tang Clan. The album peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop chart selling a million copies within a year of its release. It kick-started a wave of successful solo albums and keep afloat RZA’s five-year plan to becoming the greatest rap group in history.

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