In a surprising turn of events, Hollywood A-lister Will Smith has vehemently denied explosive claims made by a self-proclaimed former personal assistant. The ex-assistant– Brother Bilaal alleged that he witnessed Smith engaged in a sexual act with fellow actor Duane Martin.

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The controversy unfolded during an interview with internet personality Tasha K, where Bilaal described an incident in which he purportedly walked in on Smith and Martin in a compromising position in Duane’s dressing room. Bilaal shockingly detailed the scene, stating, “I opened the door to Duane’s dressing room, and that’s when I see Duane having anal sex with Will. There was a couch, and Will was bent over on the couch, and Duane was standing up killing him, murdering him – it was murder in there.”

Adding insult to injury, Bilaal went on to make disparaging comments about Will Smith’s anatomy, comparing it to a “pinky toe.” The interview served as a platform to promote Bilaal’s new book, titled “Will Smith Demonic Circle.”


In response, a spokesperson for Will Smith promptly issued a statement to TMZ, labeling the claims as “completely fabricated” and asserting that the allegations are “unequivocally false.” Furthermore, a source close to Smith informed the outlet that the actor is actively considering legal action against Bilaal for the damaging accusations.

Bilaal attempted to provide context to the alleged incident, explaining that he stumbled upon the intimate encounter while searching for Smith, who was needed on set for an unspecified production. According to Bilaal, he had the keys to Duane’s dressing room, and upon entering, he found the two actors engaged in a sexual act. He described the moment as feeling “like a deer in the headlights” and uttered an exclamation of disbelief.

While Bilaal stands by his claims, Will Smith’s camp remains steadfast in denouncing the allegations as baseless and untrue. The potential legal action on Smith’s part adds another layer to the unfolding drama, as the public awaits further developments in this sensational story.