In a groundbreaking move for music enthusiasts, TikTok has introduced “Add to Music App,” a revolutionary feature enabling users in the US and UK to save discovered songs directly to their preferred streaming service effortlessly. This innovation, in partnership with major platforms like Amazon Music and Spotify, enhances TikTok’s reputation as a global hub for music discovery.

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The Add to Music App feature simplifies the process for fans to celebrate and revisit their favorite tunes from the For You feed. Users will now find an “Add Song” option next to track details at the bottom of TikTok videos, allowing them to save the song to their chosen streaming service seamlessly. The default playlist option is available, or users can opt to add the track to a new or existing playlist of their creation. This user-friendly feature is accessible from the For You feed and an artist’s Sound Detail Page.

“TikTok is already the world’s most powerful platform for music discovery and promotion, which helps artists connect with our global community to drive engagement with their music. Add to Music App takes this process a step further, creating a direct link between discovery on TikTok and consumption on a music streaming service, making it easier than ever for music fans to enjoy the full length song on the music streaming service of their choice, thereby generating even greater value for artists and rightsholders,” said Ole Obermann, Global Head of Music Business Development at TikTok.


“Some of the best parts of being a music lover are those serendipitous moments when you discover a new song or artist that you connect with instantly. At Amazon Music, we’re looking to make it easier to convert those moments into enduring fandom. That’s why we worked together with TikTok on the Add to Music App feature, which makes it easier for fans to listen to the music they love and for artists to build fandom,” said Karolina Joynathsing, Director of Business Development for Amazon Music.

“No matter where you are, or the moment you’re in, we want to create less work to get to the audio you love. That means being everywhere our users are and creating seamless ways to save songs to Spotify to enjoy when and how they choose to listen. As the world’s largest audio streaming subscription service, our mission is to bring artists and fans together, so you can listen to more of what you love, across any platform or device. Essentially, you won’t need to find audio to suit the moment. It will find you,” said Sten Garmark, Vice President, Global Head of Consumer Experience at Spotify.

Add to Music App is currently available in the US and UK, with plans for a broader rollout in the future.

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