This week has seen a publicized rift between rapper Coi Leray and her father, Benzino, unraveling on social media and in interviews. The dispute began after Coi Leray discussed her relationship with her father in a recent interview, where she claimed that Benzino harbored envy towards her success. However, Benzino vehemently denied these allegations, accusing his daughter of perpetuating a false narrative and even suggesting that the interview was manipulated to create tension.

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In the interview that sparked the controversy, Coi Leray expressed her belief that her father was envious of her accomplishments in the music industry. This prompted Benzino to publicly refute these claims, asserting that he was not envious and accusing his daughter of misrepresenting their relationship. He also took aim at radio personality Angie Martinez, alleging that she purposefully fueled the flames during the interview.

Adding fuel to the fire, Benzino shared a video attempting to debunk some of Coi Leray’s assertions about her life before finding success in the rap industry. He contested her claims of sleeping in cars and selling drugs, vehemently stating, “She ain’t ever slept in no cars or sold drugs. I don’t know why she’s running with this narrative,” in the video.


In an attempt to de-escalate the situation, Coi Leray addressed the ongoing feud earlier today. She urged her father to respect the privacy of their family matters, emphasizing that the interview took place in June, and she had refrained from commenting further until now. Leray expressed her desire to keep their family issues offline, urging for a more private resolution.
Despite Coi Leray’s call for a truce, Benzino has once again responded to his daughter’s statements, further prolonging the public dispute. Whether through social media or another medium, he continues to engage in the ongoing conversation, keeping the tension alive.

As their family drama unfolds on social media and through public statements, it remains to be seen whether the family will find a resolution behind closed doors or if their personal matters will continue to be aired for public consumption. 

The saga serves as a reminder that even in the world of fame and success, family dynamics can play out in a very public and often messy manner.