BNXN expands his artistry following the release of his debut album,‘Sincerely, Benson

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Coming off the career defining Bad Since ‘97 EP, Bnxn did not focus on topping the sonic success of the aforementioned project. Instead, he allowed the organic nature of his emotions to be the driving force to deliver ‘Sincerely Benson’ to his supporters. 

“This project was a personal one and a very vulnerable one,” he says. “So why the name ‘Sincerely Benson?’ It’s more to personalize everything. Every song sounds like a letter.” 


Bnxn taps Kizz Daniel, Headie One, Popcaan and more to fulfill his vision for the album. Sincerely, Benson is defined by recurring themes such as faith, prophecy, success and accountability. The album’s introduction speaks to grievances he is hesitant to share as an artist because “one man’s pain can be comedy to the next man.” 

“There’s this delusion that everything is great when you get to this part of your career,” says the 26 year-old artist. “Meanwhile, it’s very vital. Any small thing you can fall off or you can take off way beyond what you’ve ever imagined.” 

In order to achieve dreams beyond one’s imagination, one must visualize it happening, despite one’s current environment. 

“Maximum Damage is just a prophecy for what I want for myself and my future,” Bnxn says. “Everything that’s good in life, I want to have it.” 

In addition, Bnxn’s level of awareness and accountability speaks volumes on “Pigeon and English,” where his previous romantic relationship is the focus. Despite the relationship’s ending, he and his previous partner are “friends” now. Many listeners have resonated with the record due to its relatability. 

“I was trying to be accountable for things that happened in the past relationship,” says the “Maximum Damage” artist. “Any time you can get people to feel what you’re feeling with music, you have won in some sense.” 

Bnxn’s intention is clear with his latest output. Vulnerability allows listeners to dive into his mind, while the cover art reflects his desire to cement his legacy as an artist for years to come. He notes that the only way to do so is to constantly evolve.

“Success is being in a position and feeling the highest level of contentment and happiness,” he explains. “Even if it’s for 5-10 mins, that moment is always priceless. But there’s always a need to evolve.” 

Bnxn recently announced the African leg on his Sincerely, Benson tour, which includes stop to Tanzania, Uganda, Lagos, Abidjan and Cotonou.