Young Money Radio returns with an exclusive interview featuring Lil Wayne and Lineal Lightweight Champion, Terence Crawford. Known as the 2014 Fighter of the Year, Crawford delves into his illustrious boxing career and shares insights into his pre-fight mindset.

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The conversation between Lil Wayne and Crawford extends beyond the boxing ring, touching on strategies to attract more attention to the sport. They explore the intersection of music and boxing, with Crawford revealing the musical influences that help him focus and prepare for his matches.

Among topics were the Paul brothers who have taken on combat sports in boxing and WWE. Crawford says he views the two as boxers.


“I look at Jake Paul and Logan Paul as real fighters,” Crawford said. Real boxers. For the purpose being how long they’ve been doing. They started doing the backyard brawls with the gloves on years ago. A lot of people probably don’t even know that. That was when they was doing the little YouTube stuff. Then they start training. Getting serious, training with serious boxers. So I look at them as real fighters. But the sport of boxing, it just needs more eyes on it.”

As far as his music choices, Crawford says: “I have some Lil Wayne, I have some Anita Baker, I have some Kirk Franklin, I have some jazz, I have a little country. It just variety. I just put everything in one, and it just-Because I might get up and I might be hyped on a song, but I like to be mellow. Save all the energy for the fight. Then Anita Baker come on, and then I’m just sitting there, I’m just in the zone.”

You can hear the full episode of Young Money radio here.