In a heartwarming collaboration, hip-hop artist Lola Brooke, Sei Less NYC celebrity restaurant, and fellow hip-hop artist Bleezy joined forces to bring Thanksgiving cheer to Children of Promise in Brooklyn on Monday evening. The event catered to 150-200 youth, ages 6-18, whose lives have been touched by the criminal justice system.

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Lola Brooke and Sei Less co-owner Dara Mirjahangiry treated the young attendees to a delightful array of dishes from Sei Less. Since its opening in January 2022, this Asian fusion restaurant has swiftly become a favored spot for celebrities such as Cardi B, Kevin Hart, Travis Scott, and more.

Children of Promise is a community-centered organization dedicated to supporting children and families affected by mass incarceration. It stands out as the only NYC agency seamlessly providing therapeutic empowerment services and youth development under one roof, aiming to dismantle stigma and address trauma in Black and Brown communities.


Beyond serving meals, Lola engaged with the kids, participated in a dance contest, answered questions, and shared her personal experience dealing with her father’s incarceration. Her words of wisdom, delivered with her mother by her side, added a touch of inspiration to the evening, creating a memorable Thanksgiving celebration for all involved.