DOPE Shows, marking seven years of unparalleled success, achieved another milestone with the sold-out 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop Concert at The Met in Philadelphia. This historic event, in collaboration with Live Nation, featured a stellar lineup including Jeezy and Fabolous, along with local legends Freeway, Boo Bonic, and Spade-O.

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As 3500 enthusiastic fans flooded into the venue, DOPE Shows reaffirmed its position as the undefeated #1 Promotion Agency in the Northeast. The evening unfolded with a vibrant celebration of Philadelphia’s rich Hip-Hop heritage, featuring local talents such as Meer Sosa. Spade-O and Boo Bonic delivered classic songs, and Freeway performed timeless anthems, joined by Philly veteran Young Chris.

The anticipation peaked as headliners Fabolous and Jeezy graced the stage, creating a nostalgic atmosphere with hits spanning their illustrious careers. Fabolous celebrated his birthday with a parade of fan favorites, while Jeezy took the audience on an electrifying journey through decades of Hip-Hop history, performing iconic tracks.


DOPE Shows, lauded by Billboard as one of the most powerful independent concert promotion companies in the U.S., has sold over 200,000 tickets in a remarkable six-year run. Known for bringing era-defining artists to local stages, they continue to be crucial catalysts for emerging superstars, connecting performers with eager local fans.

The 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop Concert was a testament to DOPE Shows’ enduring impact on the live music scene, showcasing extraordinary performances and paying heartfelt tribute to Philadelphia’s role in shaping the history of this beloved art form.