Last night, rap sensation and philanthropist Quavo, through his Quavo Cares Foundation, introduced the inaugural Huncho Farms event in Atlanta, expanding on his annual turkey giveaways. This transformative initiative converted a conventional farmers market into an inclusive space for families in need, providing access to fresh produce, locally sourced ingredients, meats, dry foods, essential non-food items, and turkeys.

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The event saw the distribution of an impressive 21,535 pounds of food, equivalent to $82,008 worth of meals, reaching 51 Georgia zip codes. Over 740 attendees from 300 families across Atlanta benefited from this initiative, addressing food insecurity in counties like Dekalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett.

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Quavo Cares, in collaboration with Urban Recipe, took a holistic approach by offering a live cooking demonstration, access to community resources, and information on food stamps, cooking demonstrations, and community services. Participants received a Huncho Farms cookbook, featuring cooking tips and Quavo’s family recipes, and former Atlanta Hawks player Josh Smith contributed to the home goods stand.


The event showcased collaborative efforts with volunteers representing HandsOn Atlanta, Urban Recipe, Team Huncho Basketball, and Quavo Cares, emphasizing the power of community and collaboration. Quavo’s commitment to making a meaningful impact during the holiday season was evident, reflecting in his ongoing efforts to address food insecurity and uplift the Atlanta community.

Over the past two years, Quavo Cares has hosted drive-thru Thanksgiving turkey giveaways, partnering with GoPuff (2021), Walmart (2022), Feeding America, New Bethel Ministries, and the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The community giveback event concluded with a generous $150K grant from the Tender Foundation, supporting single black moms in Atlanta through the organization’s guaranteed income program.