Last week, Captain Morgan, joined forces with Super Bowl Champ Victor Cruz for an extraordinary house party in the heart of New York City’s Greenwich Village. The exclusive event brought together the essence of the holiday season, blending gourmet Thanksgiving-inspired cuisine, live musical performances, and the signature flair of Captain Morgan cocktails.

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The evening unfolded in Vic’s house party style, providing an intimate space where attendees experienced the personal touch of the Giants Legend. From his favorite foods to the music he loves, the atmosphere was carefully curated to reflect Victor Cruz’s tastes.

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The highlight of the night was the stellar lineup of musical performances by today’s hottest rappers, Aminé and Smino, ensuring that the entertainment matched the energy of the occasion. Victor Cruz went the extra mile when curating the menu for the night, revealing to The Source Magazine that he incorporated several vegan items. While not fully vegan himself, Cruz disclosed that he dabbles in the lifestyle and avoids red meat and chicken.  

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“I chose the whole menu, and made sure it was…I didn’t necessarily shoot for the vegan options but I knew we needed to have everything. I knew we needed to have different types of food. The arepas was all me, I was like we gotta have some Spanish flavor in there and I also wanted to be health conscious too.” When asked if he eats a vegan diet the Super Bowl champion revealed his strict diet. “Umm not necessarily, I’ve been more sojust no red meat or pork for me. I’ve been dabbling in the gluten-free options as well but other than that, that’s about it.”

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This event is part of the brand’s Follow the Captain campaign where fans can unlock experiences all NFL season long. The party transcended the ordinary, creating an atmosphere where the fusion of great company, sensational music, and delightful flavors merged seamlessly. As the No.1 spiced rum brand, Captain Morgan crafted cocktails that tantalized our taste buds in NYC for a night to remember.

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