Get ready for a night of pure hip-hop magic as iconic rapper Styles P takes the stage to celebrate his 49th birthday at Irving Plaza on November 27, 2023, hosted by none other than the legendary Jadakiss. This highly anticipated event promises to be an unforgettable experience for fans of the legendary rapper, and it coincides with the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop music, adding an extra layer of significance to the celebration.

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The concert will feature opening sets by Smoke Dza and Steel Sessions, featuring the incredible talents of Oswin Benjamin, Iman Nunez, and Katt Rockell. Adding to the excitement, Willie J Peso and Messiah will serve as support acts, ensuring the crowd stays hyped all night long.  

Styles P, known for his remarkable contributions to the world of hip-hop, has a surprise in store for his fans. He will perform with a live band with special guest Brady Watt of Bass Bars. This is a rare and exciting opportunity to witness the fusion of live instrumentation and Styles P’s iconic rhymes.What sets this celebration apart is the exclusive collaboration announcements by Styles P. The first collaboration, “The Ghost,” is with Doja Pak, Mechanics Farm, and Strain Gang, promising a unique blend of artistry and style. A complete line of flowers, hashholes, and rosin will be available at select retailers, providing fans with a tangible piece of this momentous occasion.


“I wanted to make my 49th birthday unforgettable for my fans, so we’ve got some special surprises in store. It’s going to be a night of hip-hop, celebration, and great music,” Styles P shared.