Thanksgiving might be one of the most beloved holidays, primarily because of the amazing home-cooked meals enjoyed all across the country. But for Cardi B, it looks like this year it was a day to catch up on some well-needed sleep!

The “Bongos” rapper recently made a video sharing how her holiday went, after waking up from a long slumber. The video was taken from her mother-in-law’s house in Miami, aka Offset’s mom’s crib.

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She states, “Can y’all believe I slept throughout the whole entire Thanksgiving bro?”

She then beings to enjoy her abundant plate of food, revealing she starved herself all day for that exact moment.


“So I fell asleep, I came over here at 6 o’clock. I woke up like 20 minutes ago, so I missed the whole Thanksgiving bro.”

After adding hot sauce to her chicken wing, she continues: “My schedule’s been a little funny lately. This is really weird, I’ve been sleeping like 4 to 5 hours a day.”

After stuffing her face with even more food, specifically collard greens and mac and cheese, Cardi states, “I’ve been having a really weird schedule in Miami. Y’all seen it y’all self. I’ll be up at 7am. I will literally sleep from 5pm to 11pm, then I’ll be up all night. Sometimes I’ll go to sleep from 5pm, I’ll wake up at 1am. I’ll be up all night, all morning. Took a little nap break at 12pm, wake up at 3pm. My schedule my fucked up.”

The best part of the video had to not only be her enjoying her meal with copious amounts of hot sauce, but also her no-fucks-given attitude about her bedhead. Cardi B always keeps it real, and that’s why we love her.