The FGB Duck murder trial is underway and the star witness has been identified as a blogger who has been paid nearly $25,000 to cooperate with federal law enforcement. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the blogger highlights the drill rap community.

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The witness is Martell Wiley, owner and operator of the Trenches News YouTube channel, which has over 114,000 subscribers. He will take the stand and testify against the six men charged with the murder of Duck.

According to prosecutors, Wiley provided information on the O Block Black Disciples believed to be culprits of Duck’s murder. Wiley was listed in court docs as “Cooperator 1” despite previously saying he was not assisting the feds. In a change of events, Wiley put his trademark sheisty mask back on in a YouTube video from what appeared to be a courtroom, stating that he will cooperate.


“They subpoenaed me to court,” Wiley said. “I’ve gotta come here, man, and tell them, man. It ain’t no more discrepancies. I’m here. Long live Carlton.”

According to the Sun-Times, FBI agent Kevin Doyle revealed after the shooting, Wiley called the Chicago Police Department to assist in the investigation, resulting in payment of $24,963 for his help. “He would provide background information. He reviewed surveillance footage [and] reviewed social media postings,” Doyle said.

Wiley was a resident of Parkway Gardens, the southside apartment complex called O Block. He was at one point referred to as a member of the Black Disciples but also stated to have an alliance with rivals Duck and Gangster Disciples.

You can see his viral video admitting to cooperating below.

In April, 33-year-old Ralph Turpin, known as “Tall” or “Teezy,” was the sixth man charged with murdering aid of racketeering and conspiracy to murder in aid of racketeering in connection to Duck’s murder.

According to WLS-TV Chicago, Turpin is the sixth man charged. He joins Charles “C Murda” Liggins, 30; Kenneth “Kenny” Robinson, 28; Tacarlos “Los” Offerd, 30; Christopher “C Thang” Thomas, 22; and Marcus “Muwop” Smart, 22.

The arrest and charges came months after Duck’s mother, LaSheena Weekly, stated additional arrests were coming. FBG Duck was shot in the chest, groin, and neck, killing him and injuring two others in a robbery on Chicago’s Gold Coast. He was pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital after receiving as many as 21 gunshot wounds during the attack outside of Dolce & Gabanna.

The shooting left 38 bullet casings at the scene and happened over the course of 15 seconds.