50 Cent is currently overseas performing on the international leg of his Final Lap Tour, celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut album Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. Not only does the project go down in history as one of the greatest rap albums of all time, but 50’s recent live performances proved his ability to make timeless music — delivering instant nostalgia to every city he touches.

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Just last week, 50 shut down the stage at O2 Arena in London. While there, he stopped by The Rebecca Judd Show and revealed that “Many Men” was once his least favorite song on Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. A wild statement, given the track, is a certified fan favorite!

50 Cent explains, “‘Many Men’ was my least favorite at that point because musically we was in the boom-bap phase,” he explained. “We was in that hard-hitting intensity, the energy on the records, and it’s the slowest song on Get Rich or Die Tryin’. And it’s now the tempo that the artists are rapping to. So the fast tempo, hard-hitting beats, that was that era, that time period. And the whole album had it.”


Beyond the project, 50 reflected on his long-standing career and how far he’s come since he first stepped into the music industry.

“If you had asked me to make a wish in 2003, I would’ve just wish that my music was a hit,” he states. “I didn’t see 20 years ahead in music like that. I’m just at that moment for it to work.”

He goes on to add that most artists think they’re ready, before they actually are.

“That’s why we have one hit wonders in Hip Hop culture,” he states. “Because when that happens, they have that first hit and then it takes them out of the studio to go perform and to go meet all the distractions to come with being a successful artist, and then they land back in the studio without being trained to know how to create the next song. So they be stuck with that one hit.”

50 Cent is far from a one-hit wonder. He’s someone who’s put in the work, and let the music speak for itself.