Vic Mensa has released a poignant short film/music video for his track “Blue Eyes” from his sophomore album, VICTOR. Directed by longtime collaborator Andre Muir, the film was shot in Jamaica and delves into the emotional depth of the song.

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The short film captures Vic’s exploration of his biracial identity, addressing the internalized insecurities he faced growing up and confronting the toxicity of Euro-centric beauty standards. The visuals include cinematic shots of Vic breaking free from symbolic struggles, locals in Jamaica discussing the history of skin bleaching, and a female lead shedding a blond wig, symbolizing liberation from harmful standards.

“The song ‘Blue Eyes’ is one of the most personal I’ve ever made and illustrates the impact of European beauty standards on the mind of the African, using my experience and that of my aunt who recently passed from the effects of skin bleaching,” Vic said.


You can see the “Blue Eyes” release below.