A report from the Chicago Sun-Times has revealed that a well-known YouTuber was paid fifteen times, totaling $25,000, for cooperating in FBG Duck’s murder case.

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“Trenches News” creator Martell Wiley’s participation in the case was revealed by FBI Special Agent Kevin Doyle, who said, “He would provide background information. He reviewed surveillance footage [and] reviewed social media postings.” 

Wiley, affiliated with Duck’s crew and the Gangster Disciples, commented on the news after his cooperation with the feds was made public, saying, “They subpoenaed me to court. I’ve gotta come here and tell them, man. It ain’t no more discrepancies. I’m here. Long live [FBG Duck, aka] Carlton.” Defense attorneys also claim that Wiley was used by the feds twice over a decade ago while he was a resident of Chicago’s O’Block.


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