Von Miller has been arrested following accusations of domestic violence with a pregnant woman. According to TMZ, Miller turned himself in at Glenn Heights, Texas, police department at 4 pm CT on Thursday (Nov 30.).

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Miller is accused of showing, pulling the hair, and placing his hands around the neck of a woman during an altercation. The result was a felony warrant arrest. The incident began inside Miller’s Dallas-area apartment and stemmed from travel plans.

Miller allegedly became “visibly angry” after the woman walked into the home’s office and slammed the door. Miller asked the woman to leave, to which she agreed but wanted to grab some items first, leading to Miller pushing the woman, who yelled, “stop, I’m pregnant.” The woman said she pushed onto a chair, and Miller applied pressure to her neck for “3 to 5 seconds before letting go.” The woman stated she felt pain but did “not have difficulty breathing.”


Miller was also stated to have thrown the woman’s laptop on the ground and stomped it, followed by pulling a chunk of the woman’s hair out and causing her to fall. He would later follow up with another grab on the neck.

Officers noticed abrasions on the woman’s left hand and bruising on the neck, abdomen, and left bicep. Miller was charged with one felony charge of assault on a pregnant person.