Eminem rolled out a new chapter this week, but it wasn’t an album or even an autobiography. Instead, the rapper became the latest major artist to hold a virtual concert in Fortnite, this time in conjunction with the game’s upoming Chapter 5 release (which is slated for December 3).

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The event, which was called the “Big Bang Event,” lasted around 10 minutes on Saturday and combined Em’s musical performance with teasers for the game’s upcoming release. Before the event, Epic teased some upcoming features of Chapter 5 including a new island, a new train, revamped movement mechanics, new weapon mods and attachments, even more cross-overs, and the ability to heal and move at the same time.

The “Big Bang Event” started on Fortnite OG island, where viewers caught a quick highlight reel from the game’s past including a rocket launch and meteor crash before everything was sucked into a black hole, which transported players to a variety of themed portals including an island with Lego characters, a car race, and finally a stadium in which Eminem appeared to perform “Lose Yourself” as the screen showed players hitting notes in time to the music (a la Guitar Hero). A giant hand crushed the set and a larger-than-life Eminem appeared to perform “Godzilla,” all while showing the new graphics capabilities that Epic has rolled out for Chapter 5.


Chapter 5 is expected to demonstrate how Epic hopes to take Fortnite from a battle royale game to one that is more creator-focused similar to Roblox. Epic has also added more partnerships including one with Lego (Lego Fortnite is expected to debut December 7th), Rocket Racing (developed by Rocket League creator Psyonix and expected to debut December 8th), and Fortnite Festival (developed by Rock Band studio Harmonix and expected to launch on December 9th).

Eminem’s virtual concert marks the fourth major in-game musical experience, coming on the heels of performances by Marshmello, Travis Scott, and Ariana Grande.

Fans that missed the live event can check out a full replay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbt1lPBb4hU.