Last week rocker Lenny Kravitz told Esquire Magazine that he felt slighted by black media outlets. Kravitz complained he has never been invited to the BET Awards and said Black publications don’t celebrate his success.  In defense, former BET program director Stephen Hill quietly denies these accusations in an Instagram post before responding to a fan.

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Stephen posted a photo of he and Lenny Kravitz with the caption:

#FlashbackFriday @lennykravitz and ya boy on the set of #106andPark on what I believe was his first, but I KNOW was not last visit to the show. One of my favorite muscians/performers of all time. Loved stretching the mold and programming his music on WILD-AM in the early 90’s, as well. Looking forward to his new music!
Have a great day everybody!


When a fan asked, “But was he invited to the BET Awards?”

Stephen responded, “I respect that question because you don’t know me. Understandable. Anyone that knows, KNOWS. And that’s my answer.😊 Merry Friday.”