Crown Royal unveils the inaugural installment of a cinematic short film series highlighting the excellence of its premium label, Crown Royal Deluxe. The series, set to feature four films, delves into distinct facets of Crown Royal’s liquid attributes.

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The first film, titled “Smooth,” serves as a captivating homage to the smoothness of Crown Royal whisky. Filmed against the vibrant backdrop of Detroit’s iconic roller rink community at Royal Skateland, the narrative unfolds on a Friday night, symbolizing the perfect metaphor for the whisky’s smooth blend and rich flavor. The roller rink, steeped in Detroit’s skating legacy, becomes a visual celebration of Crown Royal’s craftsmanship.

The film features Moodymann, a prominent figure in Detroit’s music scene, and real Detroit-based skaters, adding an authentic touch to the storytelling. Created in collaboration with Anomaly NY, the campaign will receive support through out-of-home displays, social media, paid media, and more.


“Smooth” marks the commencement of Crown Royal’s artistic journey into the heart of its whisky-making mastery, inviting audiences into the brand’s world through a visually stunning and evocative lens. Viewers can experience the cinematic celebration of Crown Royal’s smoothness in the short film “Smooth.”