Nov. 30, 1982, marks the anniversary of the undisputed King of Pop’s monumental album Thriller. So it is no surprise that Thriller 40, a documentary that profiles and illuminates MJ’s artistic accomplishments added to an uptick in his streaming stats. 

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Thriller 40, which premiered on Dec. 2nd on Showtime, takes a deep dive into his music and massive influence on the industry at large and not as much into the complications of who Michael Jackson was as a person.

Thriller was easily one of Michael Jackson’s most impactful album projects ever released.


Produced by legendary music producer Quincy Jones, it is considered a culture-shifting body of work, created by Jones and MJ.

Fast forward to now and just last week, three of Jackson’s albums eased into top spots on Billboard’s Top R&B Albums chart. Keep in mind the coveted chart only allows for 25 slots. As expected with the marketing of the documentary and other publicized fanfare, Thriller took a peaked at No. 6 for the week ending on Dec. 2, according to Luminate

It looks like Thriller is still a masterpiece, and now experiencing the story behind the art is renewing all the excitement for one of Michael Jackson’s greatest achievements.