We may have turned a corner in the right direction of the relationship between Lil Durk and NBA Youngboy.

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Speaking to Gillie Da King online, YoungBoy revealed he speaks to Lil Durk about music every two or three nights. Gillie wants them to come together for peace on stage.

“He be trying to talk to me about my music and he focused on a billion dollars right now,” Durk said. “Get them to let me out this house and I hit that stage for ya. How you want me to come? Every chain on or just one chain?”


Durk would respond, “You lied bout sending the address 7x when I asked I’m finna grab my coat 1 more time send the address.” YoungBoy then revealed he has to get approval from his probation officer to allow the visit. “I love tf out you help me bih @lildurk.”