The YSL RICO trial has been recognized as one of the most important trials among Hip Hop artists in history, however, the YFN trial will be shifting some of the attention from the Young Thug?Young SLime Life RICO trial with the strained between the two factions as the centerpiece of this ongoing legal saga.

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An official date for the YFN RICO trial is set for January 8, which is set to be underway and scheduled to run parallel alongside other high-profile Hip Hop notables’ court cases. Lucci was expected to testify in the YSL RICO trial, but now this is not likely to occur.

The YFN Lucci trial may be linked to the YSL RICO trial and could possibly begin at the beginning of YNW Melly’s second trial, which ended in a mistrial The YFN trial was delayed due to YSL Woody’s role as informant, including leaked video footage implicating him in providing information on YFN Lucci. 

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