In an unexpected turn of events, Chicago-based rapper GAWNE finds himself achieving an unforeseen milestone by dropping a collaborative song with none other than NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. The journey began with a surprise DM from the towering 7’1″ basketball icon in September 2023. Fast-forward through a whirlwind of freestyle exchanges and a spontaneous trip to Miami, and today, the dynamic duo presents the mesmerizing track and video for “CHAOS,” a motivational anthem celebrating resilience and success against all odds.

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Shaq shares, “GAWNE is next up and we’re stepping over any and everybody to get him there. I want to see all of his dreams come true. I’m about to tell the whole world about GAWNE!”

GAWNE added, “Shaquille O’Neal declaring me “next up” is surreal. Shaq has already changed my life and I’m blessed to call him a friend. He’s the greatest athlete to EVER rap and the world isn’t ready for our new song… CHAOS!!!”


Known for his technical and rapid-fire delivery, GAWNE has made a mark on the music scene, accumulating over 350 million streams on his tracks and collaborating with industry icons like Shaquille O’Neal and artists like Tech N9ne. Despite facing a debilitating brain injury in 2011, GAWNE defied expectations, turning to music as a form of therapy and ultimately transforming it into his life’s passion. Through his music, GAWNE shares his journey of resilience, aiming to inspire others to overcome setbacks and challenges.