Even with the unprecedented Grammy celebration honoring 50 years of Hip Hop featuring legends in the game such as Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah and many more, the absence of the legendary MC Hammer was painfully noticed by fans and his peers alike. Hammer’s reason for not attending was discovered when a clip of his explanation sresurfaced online.

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Back in November, Hammer was a guest at the Tupac Street Renaming ceremony in Oakland, which is where the Oakland native explained his reason for not participating in any of the Hip Hop 50th anniversary to which he was invited.

Hammer cited that there was a lack of sincerity within the Hip Hop community and that he held no tolerance for the “fakeness” he’s observed in today’s Hi pHop landscape. The Tupac Street Naming was the only event that the 60-year-old “Can’t Touch This” rapper attended during Hip Hop’s highly publicized 50th year.


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