TikTok announces the global expansion of its “Add to Music App” feature, enabling users in 19 additional countries to seamlessly save discovered songs to their preferred music streaming services. The feature, introduced successfully in the US and UK a month ago, now extends its reach to Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Sweden, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, Argentina, Colombia, The Netherlands, Turkey, South Africa, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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“Add to Music App” empowers music enthusiasts to capture and save TikTok-discovered songs instantly, with compatibility for popular streaming platforms like Amazon Music and Spotify. The feature presents users with an “Add Song” button next to the track name in TikTok videos, allowing them to store the song on their chosen music service. Users can customize playlists and easily access saved tracks, enhancing their music discovery experience on TikTok.

“We have already had an incredible response to the launch of Add to Music App in the US and UK. Music fans are embracing the opportunity to save music from TikTok directly to their favorite music streaming services, driving music discovery and helping more tracks to break through and become hits. We are really excited to be bringing the feature to millions more music fans around the world, providing even more opportunities for artists to reach new audiences and grow their careers,” said Ole Obermann, TikTok’s Global Head of Music Business Development.


“With Add to Music App, we’ve streamlined the music discovery experience in the US and the UK for both TikTok users and artists. We are excited to expand access to this transformational feature to TikTok users in so many additional countries and bring more joy through a simplified musical discovery experience,” said Lindsey Kelt, Distribution Partnerships, TikTok.

This expansion reflects TikTok’s commitment to providing a global audience with innovative features that bridge the gap between social media and music streaming, offering a dynamic and interconnected platform for music enthusiasts worldwide.